If you can't get enough of Black Panther , I 've got some really good news for you. A brand new season of the hit action-oriented animated series from Disney XD Myrvel 's Avengers Assemble is about to kick off in style this weekend. Not only does it kick off Season 5 with a special two-part premiere, it also sets up this season's main storytelling theme, "Black Panther 's Quest.

Over the previous four seasons, the Avengers reunited - which included Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Falcon, Hawkeye, Thor, Captain Marvel , Ms. Marvel and many more - took on characters like Red Skull and Thanos before tackling the "Ultron Revolution " and "Secret Wars " scenarios. Now, thanks in large part to Black Panther and T 'Challa's resounding success in the MCU and Marvel Comics, King Wakandan (and his sister) are headlining the adventure in a new Globe Quest. -trotter. The hour-long premiere is a perfect way to set up Black Panther's relationships withc the other Avengers, establish the Disney XD version of their sibling rivalry with Shuri, and cast the duo into their own storyline.

Before you dig too deep into the review, here's the special two-part trailer to get you up to speed:

In this two-part premiere, Black Panther and Shuri aren't going it alone yet; this adventure is more of a team battle than a solo effort. James Mathis III has voiced T 'Challa / Black Panther for quite a few episodes now, so his character's rapport with the other Avengers - especially Tony Stark / Iron Man - is pretty good. established. The newcomer this time, however, is Shuri ( Daisy Lightfoot ), who is introduced to the Avengers at a welcome party; she gets a total of 30 seconds to socialize before a disaster strikes.

 Avengers assembles season 5 premiere = sets up the Avengers season 5 premiere