Hot big spoilers to come for anyone who hasn't 'not seen Deadpool 2 again.

While the best part of Deadpool 2 is obviously Deadpool himself, the sequel to the 20th anti-hero Century Fox boasts a rather impressive cast of supporting characters, some of whom walk between superheroes.and villains, super-powerful and super-delusional, and even alive and, well ... dead. But there is one character from Marvel Comics that is pretty hard to miss, and no, we're not talking about the target flashing cameo and you will miss for The Vanisher.

'Deadpool 2 ': Be on the lookout for these 3 cameos

Or, if you don't want to be spoiled, look for them when you're obviously going to watch the movie again.

We are, of course, talking about the Juggernaut (bitch). Yes, good ol 'Cain Marko himself arrived in Shepherd's sequel in the third act of Ryan Reynolds ' Fourth Wall Follow-up. And it wasn't just a nod to Vinnie Jones 's portrayal of the character in the 2006 mess that was X-Men: The Last Stand , despite Deadpool doing his best to "fix " the Fox Marvel movie verse with time-traveling executions; Juggernaut actually played a pivotal role in advancing the plot. So if you missed out on Marvel Comics, never saw the

In Deadpool 2, the villains of the room were determined to round up the misbehaving mutants and, s ' they were proving too volatile for the super-shady Essex Academy to handle, ship them to a safe place. facility known as the Ice Box. (If this is a true Marvel Comics reference and not just a nod to its frozen location, this is a really deep cut .) In said cooler, Deadpool and Firefist captured and devoid of power ( Julian Dennison ) realize that a "monster" is being kept in the facility's most secure section, a sort of massive underground vault. While I was seriously hoping for a true monster in the Marvel lore, or even a bizarre X-Factor hero like Strong Guy, what we got wast The Juggernaut, something s Harp-eyed fans thought it was a solid possibility thanks to this brief scene from the film's marketing material: